Mbappe: ‘I used to idolize Ronaldo, but now I don’t’

The PSG star compared Ronaldo and Neymar, revealing why he chose PSG over Real as well as his chances of winning the 2017-2018 Champions League.

At just 19 years old, Kylian Mbappe has become the biggest discovery in 2017. In an interview with Marca newspaper (Spain) with excitement like every step on the field, he proved ready to write his name in history. soccer village.

Mbappe là phát hiện của năm 2017. Ảnh: Marca.

Mbappe is the discovery of 2017. Photo: Marca.

– Many people think that the match in the 1/8 round between Real and PSG deserves to be the early final of this year’s Champions League. What’s your opinion?

– Yes. These are the two strongest teams in the world right now. Real are in a huge position with two titles in a row, but we are improving day by day. This will be an interesting knock-out match. We will go to the Bernabeu with the goal of winning tickets.

– What do you expect from your first trip to the Bernabeu?

– I have played in many famous courts, but have not had the opportunity to experience there. I was really looking forward to seeing the pitch closely, the day before the game. I will visit calmly, as part of the preparation for the competition.

– Players can create a highlight in their career, if they play well at the Bernabeu. Is that why the upcoming match has special meaning to you?

– Are not. This match is special because it is round of 1/8. PSG can show the world what they are capable of. The match that could go down in PSG history because we were up against the defending champions. All very excited.

– Does Real’s history and track record affect the game?

We respect every team. But when arriving at the Bernabeu, PSG will show utmost respect. We will play to the best of our ability.

– What do you like most about Real?

– They are the perfect team above all. In each position, Real owns the best player in the world. They have been together for many years.

Mbappe will compete against Cristiano Ronaldo. Is this a meeting with your idol?

– Of course. Ronaldo is my childhood hero. I met him in Valdebebas and it was unforgettable. But I am a gladiator, rich in desire. I only want one thing, and that is to win. Whatever opponent awaits us, we want to beat them. When I was a kid, I used to admire Ronaldo. Now it’s not. I will go to the Bernabeu and beat him and bring back the victory with PSG

Mbappe từng thần tượng Ronaldo trong quá khứ. Ảnh: France Football.

Mbappe used to idolize Ronaldo in the past. Photo: France Football.

– But is Ronaldo still a role model for you to look up to?

– Of course I can learn from top players. With a star who has won five Golden Balls like Ronaldo, I will learn many things. Ronaldo is a great player, but there are people like that at PSG too. I rate Neymar on the same level as Ronaldo. Regarding the ability to score goals, I also learned a lot from Edinson Cavani.

– Mbappe, Cavani and Neymar are flying. Is this the best trilogy right now?

– We really don’t think about this, it doesn’t matter if we are the sharpest attack or not. The only concern is whether PSG is the strongest team. We want to win and scare the opponent. If PSG has the best attack, that’s fine, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Victory is the result of the whole team.

– The Champions League crown is just a dream for PSG. But with current force, is that about to become a reality?

– Why not? PSG played great in the group stage. The whole world saw us as capable of beating the champion two years in a row. We have no pressure at all. The whole team will go into the game in the usual style, trying to move on.

– Neymar coached Mbappe as a student. He also showed interest in playing alongside Neymar. Is this the way to success?

– People know Neymar from his situations on the pitch, but in real life he is a different person. Neymar often performs and dribbles, making people think he is selfish, thinking only of himself. But when I shared the dressing room with him, I realized everyone was wrong. Neymar is really caring, kind, likable and puts the collective interest first. It is true that he pays a lot of attention to dribbling or technical handling. But no one can ask Neymar to stop it because he is doing so well. No one dribbles as well as Neymar in that style. Neymar can bring us many trophies.

Bộ ba Cavani - Mbappe - Neymar đang khuynh đảo nước Pháp. Ảnh: AFP.

The trio of Cavani – Mbappe – Neymar is dominating France. Photo: AFP.

– Is it strange to play against the team you almost joined?

– No, because that’s part of football, there are always transfer rumors. Real and I have had discussions, but for me the important thing is reality. I am playing for PSG and will defend this shirt with all my might.

– Why did Mbappe choose PSG?

– Because PSG is the football team of the city I was born in. If I joined Real, it would be like a Madrid boy who got the chance to play for Real but ended up choosing somewhere else abroad. That’s why I want to join PSG. Right now I’m very satisfied with what’s going on.

– But Mbappe is young and the future is unpredictable?

– Of course I’m still very young. My career is still long, but I always want to play for the best team in the world in the future. PSG converges enough factors to reach that peak. The love for the team is growing in me and there is no reason for me to leave.

– Where did Mbappe get his amazing speed, born or trained?

– I always feel like I’m very fast, but I still have to practice. Players always need to be physically fit for a density of about three days a game.

– Barca and Real are the two best teams in recent years?

– They have dominated the football scene for the past few years, but there are many other excellent teams. Man City is playing explosively. So does PSG, along with Juventus and Bayern Munich. A lot of teams can go far in this tournament.

– If Real Madrid is eliminated, PSG will achieve great achievements?

– Sure. The team that wins in this match is also considered the best candidate for the championship. If PSG win, the opponents will be afraid of us, and vice versa with Real. The winner will make the rest worry.

Mbappe muốn vô địch Champions League 2017-2018 cùng PSG. Ảnh: AFP.

Mbappe wants to win the Champions League 2017-2018 with PSG. Photo: AFP.

Mbappe just celebrated his 19th birthday with a series of records. For example, he is the youngest goalscorer in Champions League history. No one has scored more goals than him at this age. Is the secret in your feet, your head or your companions?

– The most important is my family, because they are always with me. As my career skyrocketed, they helped me keep my feet on the ground, keep my head focused forward, and keep my heart calm. My family says this is just the beginning, because I have not won the Champions League or the World Cup yet. I want to win every title and I will give my all for that goal.

– But Mbappe should be confident because he matures much faster than other stars?

– Records were born to be broken. Although it gives me confidence, nothing compares to titles. Winning is always the best feeling.

– PSG can devote themselves to the Champions League because of the big gap in the current Ligue I. But is it dangerous to relax too much?

– No. Ligue I and Champions League are two separate leagues. Champions League matches are not simple, but PSG will give their all in every tournament. Just a small mistake, we will be punished by the opponent. Relaxation will not appear.

– A significant competition in the upcoming match against Real is Raphael Varane. Did your compatriot tell you anything about the battle? Varane also matured early, just like him. Is that the model that Mbappe aspires to?

– Varane is a prime example. His determination is admirable. Varane is also very professional, respectful and has won every trophy. It’s great to have teammates like that in France.

Và giúp Pháp vô địch World Cup 2018. Ảnh: AFP.

And helped France win the 2018 World Cup. Photo: AFP.

– Does Mbappe have any idols in France?

– Yes, it’s Zinedine Zidane. But actually, all the French loved him. The fans all know that Zidane is a special image. With Real, he has done incredible things, even though he just started his career as a manager. I know leading a team like Real is not easy. Zidane overcame a lot of pressure, partly because he knew his players well as a player. Everyone respects Zidane and I admire his work.

– Can France win the 2018 World Cup?

– There are many teams that are championship candidates like Spain, England, Brazil, Argentina and France too. We will try our best.

– Instead of ending, Mbappe wishes for 2018?

– Definitely the Champions League title with PSG and the World Cup with France.

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