Lakers News: Agent Predicts JJ Redick Will Unlock a New Level in Austin Reaves’ Game – Believe It!

New Los Angeles Lakers head coach JJ Redick has one of the best duos in the NBA to work with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But just as important is how Redick will utilize the team’s role players and chief among them is Austin Reaves.


A lot was expected of Reaves coming into last season, and while he certainly had the best year of his career, he didn’t make the leap that some thought was coming. But one thing that’s for certain is that Reaves is going to put in the work to be even better next year, and the Lakers’ new coach could go a long way toward getting even more out of him.

Rival executive explains what would make Austin Reaves attractive to every  NBA team in free agency - Lakers Daily

Reaves’ agent Aaron Reilly definitely believes that will be the case as he took to social media to speak his belief that Redick will help unlock a different part of Reaves’ game that the world has yet to see:

The Lakers put a lot on Reaves’ plate last season, especially once the team settled on the starting lineup that pushed them down the stretch. Not only was Reaves one of the team’s main creators on offense, but he also took on the top defensive assignment, chasing around smaller, quicker point guards and doing his best to make life tough on them.

All Lakers Experts Predict Free Agent Market For Austin Reaves - All Lakers  | News, Rumors, Videos, Schedule, Roster, Salaries And More

Reilly having the utmost belief in Reaves is great to see and the fact that he is making it known that he’s ‘keeping receipts’ on everyone doubting his client shows the level of confidence he has. And now everyone will be watching to see the role Redick has envisioned for Reaves.

Reaves has shown he can operate both on and off the ball at a high level for the Lakers and get buckets for both himself and others. Helping him reach a higher level would be massive for Redick and make the Lakers that much better overall.

He was huge for us.' Austin Reaves in starting lineup pays off as Lakers  beat Suns - Los Angeles Times

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