Exploring Timeless Culture through Sion’s Exquisite Oriental Tattoos

Today, we have a special guest for our interview. It’s a tattoo artist hailing from Seoul, who was introduced to the tattoo culture at a young age through their tattooist mother. Her oriental style draws inspiration from Korean traditional knot and string motifs, which symbolize the tying and cutting of relationships between individuals. The tattoos she create are stunning and have already captured the hearts of thousands of tattoo enthusiasts worldwide.

So, let’s dive in and get to know this talented tattoo artist and learn more about the exciting world of tattooing. Please meet Sion.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

Please, tell our readers a little about yourself. Where are you from? How did you decide to become a tattoo artist? And what were you doing before the tattoo?

– I was based in Seoul when I first started tattooing, now LA. Growing up, I was exposed to the tattoo culture under the influence of my tattooist mother. I believe this has led to me to start my career as a tattoo artist quite naturally. Before this, I was a student.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

Who was your teacher? And who inspires you now?

– My mother. I received strong inspiration of the tattoo culture under the influence of my tattooist mother. Since childhood, I was very fond of seeing my mother absorbed in something specific. Now, I am inspired by various people around me.

What does the word “tattoo” mean to you?

– For me, tattoos represent our daily lives, fond memories, and relationship between individuals. These are all expressed through my work.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

Your style is a great example of a new wave of oriental tattoos. How would you describe the style you work in?

– Main elements that I use in my design are traditional knots and strings. Korean traditional knot symbolizes Korea’s native spirit of tying and cutting of the relationship between individuals.

Specifically, it is densely woven, so that the beautiful relationships do not spill out. Here, just like how the knots get more tangled once hastily untied by force, relationship between individuals is something that cannot be broken by force. Yet, if necessary, it should be untied one by one slowly, so that the remaining affection between individuals is not harmed.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

What are the main features of your tattoos that you can highlight on your own?

– Knots, strings, and tassels are the main elements. But, what I emphasize in my works are the meanings and unique stories that these elements hold for each of my clients.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

What is the most important thing for you in a tattoo?

– Flow of the design. I believe creating the most natural flow that suits each individual’s body and its curve is important.

Do you have any favorite tattoo projects?

– This is a piece that flows from the back of the ear to the toe. I have freely created the design by adding unique stories to each and every flow. I am especially fond of this project as I have put a lot of effort not only into the design but the photography as well – clothing, posture, photography location etc. Furthermore, photos were taken by season.

Tattoo artist Sion

Where do you work now?

– I recently moved to LA. It’s been around 4 months. I have adapted to the new environment very well and enjoy working here very much!

Do you travel a lot. Tell me, where have you already been? Do you have a favorite place?

– I’ve been to lots of different places! Love experiencing each country’s culture, food, buildings and meeting new people. It’s hard to choose a favorite place as all have its own charm but if I have to choose one, it’d be Sweden. Went there in the winter and was amazed by the snow piled up on the mountain. It was so beautiful!

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

How do you rate your popularity? And how do you think it can be measured?

– It’s hard to measure by popularity but I’m very grateful for continuously having clients and them loving my work ever since I have started tattooing. This gave me a lot of confidence in what I do and gradually allowed my design and its style to continuously evolve.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

What do you do besides tattooing? And what is your main goal in life?

– I have not really done anything else other than tattooing as I was and currently am heavily focused in developing my career. Traveling would be one of the other things that I do besides tattooing.

Over time, I have realized that nothing lasts as time goes by and therefore I know that there may be times where I would get burnt out at times. Therefore, the most important goal I have at the moment is to live life to the fullest, enjoy, and be healthy. This way I will be able to continue doing what I love for a long time with a healthy mind, persistently.

Tattoo artist Sion

Tattoo artist Sion

Do you have plans that you want to share?

– I am planning to stay in the States and continue to meet various people here and try out various different design styles. Not sure where I will be heading next, but I would like to continue to become an artist that empathizes with my clients, and provides them comfort, beauty, and joy.

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